Snazzy Pullover


Don't just dominate the world, dominate the world in style with a uniform that says, "I'm in Global Control". šŸŒ

Our company pullover is sleek but uncomfortable with [REDACTED] qualities that will keep your ammo dry, and our hands clean.

ā€¢ 100% recycled polyester, 1% Dm-70
ā€¢ Regular fit or unfit
ā€¢ Self-shock collar, bottom hem, and cuffs
ā€¢ Insufficient neutron radiation shielding (UPF 50+ protection only)
ā€¢ Hydrophilic final finish
ā€¢ Contrast color of an unaffiliated Adidas organization logo on the left sleeve for no reason

This product contains no live wires.