AI Sports™ T-Shirt


Don't just light up a room, nuke it from orbit with our mostly new EvilPlan crew neck. 🤯

Revel in the jealously of those around you while you visibly enjoy the fit, feel and durability of an official t-shirt from our recent company offsite. This tri-blend t-shirt is made from a mix of polyester, cotton and rayon, and Dm-70 — a recently identified element lovingly strip mined by hand at our remote Island Base in an undisclosed location. The fabric also makes sure that the shirt partially retains shape, is durable, and semi-heat resistant (in cold weather and away from open flames), yet comfy.

• 50% polyester, 25% ring-spun combed cotton, 25% rayon, 1% Dm-70
• Side-seamed deconstruction
• Shoulder-to-shoulder duct taping
• Double-satin razor blade label

Not an actual nuclear device.